How to Identify the Best Car Service Provider in Kenya?

How to Identify Best Car Service Provider

Besides providing the convenience of riding, your car keeps you safe and protects you from external elements or road hazards. Thus, keeping your vehicle well-maintained and getting car repair services are critical. If you avoid having your car serviced by the best car service provider in Kenya, then there are high chances of malfunctioning components. Which can endanger the safety of the vehicle and the people in it.

Also, you cannot trust any car service provider just because they offer cheap rates and put yourself and your vehicle in danger.

So how do you find the best car service provider?

To make sure that you are handing over your car to a trusted car service provider, here are some points that you need to keep in mind.

Go for The Certified Car Service Provider

Do not get swayed by the low prices that car agencies offer to fix your car. Low bargain price compensates for the low-quality service or uncertified service company. As you cannot trust an uncertified company with your vehicle service, so verify that the company is a certified dealer or not. Besides that, make sure that only licensed professionals handle the service and maintenance of your car. Going for low rates and ignoring the credibility of the car company, can lead to more issues in your car in the future.

Therefore, check the credential of the expert that will be servicing your car. Find out their experience, and hand over your car once you feel confident about their expertise. If you care about your car, then you have to exert more effort besides just paying for the repairs.

Shortlist The Best Service Providers

Shortlist the best service providers

To make a well-informed decision and get the best affordable price for your car service, doing a bit of research and shortlisting the best car service providers is the way to go. There can be many best car service providers in Kenya in your proximity that may offer better deals as compared to the car service you have selected somewhere else. You have to be aware of all the options you have. And choose the service provider that is best for your car according to the make of your car and your budget as well.

Take the help of the internet, shortlist the best car service providers, put them together in a list. And at last, compare and analyze to make a choice. For instance, find out the quality of their services, look for the reviews, affordability, prices for different types of car service, etc. By doing so, you will also find out about the discount offers and other service offers provided by various car service companies in your area.

Visit the Company or Service Agency

If you are extremely serious about your car repairs. Then book a visit to the agency that you are handing over your car to. You can easily book a visitation through email or phone. And their customer service will also help you decide how well they be treating your car. If they care about their customers, then your vehicle will also get the same treatment in their hands. However, if you are not happy with their customer support and are not given the information asked for, then you know what to do.

When you pay a visit, you can discuss in detail the problems and malfunctions in your car. And through this discussion, you will get the idea of whether they can fix the issues or are interested in servicing your car in the best way. You can ask about their experience in the industry. Whether they have solved the same car issues as yours previously, or how they are going to service your car. The best car service provider is the one that cares about the quality of the service they offer, listens to their customers, diligently works to fix the faults, and assures you a safe vehicle in the end.

Look for The Quality of Equipment

Look for the quality of equipment

While you visit the company, take a look around or even ask if the best car service provider in Kenya has cutting-edge tools to repair your cars. It is crucial for the car service provider company to own all the car servicing equipment. Otherwise, the quality of car service may get compromised. Ask them if they using modern tools and inspect the type of equipment that they use for repairs. If the shop is not properly equipped with the best tools then it is not the ideal car service option. Check their website. Since a good company explains everything about their company, services, or equipment it uses for performing car repairs. This factor becomes all the more important when you own the latest car model and search for the best place to get it repaired.

Get the Affordable Price For Car Service

Before you ask around for the rates, prepare a list containing the important details of your car, its make, and model, registration number, mileage, miles traveled, previous service history, etc. After you’ve prepared the file, contact the garages or agencies you have shortlisted. Ask about their pricing schemes or their policies or discount offers for the car service. If you have car insurance, ask if it can help with the service cost or is it even applicable. You can get this information over the phone. And don’t have to waste time visiting their garage and asking about the prices. If you know the prices of different agencies then it helps reduce the cost of your car service.

Final Thoughts

Car is amongst the most precious assets. It is more than just a vehicle that drives you from one place to another. It is important to have a fully functional car and not just a model that looks good on the surface. To make sure that your car is functional and in good condition, taking the aid of the best car service provider in Kenya is essential. Keep in mind the above tips, and nothing will go wrong.

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