What makes Autopax a Trusted Name to Buy Certified Pre-Owned Cars in Kenya?

What makes Autopax a trusted name to buy certified pre-owned cars?

Buying pre-owned cars or vehicles in Kenya is the safest option considering the increased cost of bus fares and the time taken by traveling in matatus. Keeping in mind the cost of living and income of the people of Kenya, opting for a used car is the best bet as compared to buying a new expensive car.

After you’ve decided which used car you want to buy, the next challenge is to find the dealer for the same. There is a number of car dealers present in Kenya, for used cars for sale. But not everyone provides the best-used cars at reasonable prices.

Some of the dealers overcharge while others provide poor after-sale service. So to buy an affordable used car, finding an appropriate car dealer is crucial. You can always rely on Autopax for buying certified pre-owned cars in Kenya as we provide the best deals for automobiles in Nairobi, Kenya.

Autopax- Get Best Deals for Pre-Owned Vehicles:

Autopax- Get best deals for pre-owned vehicles

Autopax is a renowned company for buying all types of used vehicles. It is one of the best places to get pre-owned cars for sale in the county. We provide different categories of used car models to suit your budget. We provide the best collection of used cars from famous automotive brands such as Honda, Toyota, Nissan, SUV, Sedan, etc.

Apart from cars we also provide motorcycles and auto bikes. We assemble and distribute various automotive parts and accessories. Autopax cautiously picks used cars from Japan and has them inspected by African Automotive Analysis (AAA) before including them in our collection of pre-owned cars.

We assure that the car importation process is hassle-free for the buyer by handling the logistics. With the services of Autopax, you can get good-quality used cars for sale at affordable prices and drive them home safely. Now you can find your ideal pre-owned car model using our website with a smooth process. As you can select the car model you are looking for and then you’ll be directed to a page where you can choose options that interest you. All the details including the features of the car are available on the website. Once decided, now you can contact the company to get the information related to the availability of the vehicle or any other queries that you have.

Why Pick Autopax for Buying a Pre-Owned Car?

Besides offering our customers the best pre-owned vehicles options. We also focus on customer satisfaction and carefully listen to their queries. We give personalized attention to each buyer and make certain they get the best deal for the pre-owned car in the given budget.

Why Pick Autopax for buying a pre-owned car?

High-Quality Pre-Owned Cars:

Autopax provides the best deal for certified pre-owned cars when it comes to quality, their condition, and cost. Each vehicle is assessed for its quality before it is added to our used car stock. We make certain that our customers get the best value for their used car deals. We inspect the car thoroughly including energy consumption, maintenance records, and availability of spare parts. So the customers don’t have to bear the high maintenance costs.

Credible and Reliable Services:

Our main aim is to provide reliable services in line with honesty and transparency. We make sure that you get transparent pricing and provide you with all information related to the purchase of your used car so that you can make a well-informed purchase. When you get a used car from any dealer with no reliability or assurance, most probably you have to spend a lot on its repairs. We ensure that our customers get a reliable car at an affordable cost and are satisfied with our customer service.

Smooth Importation Process:

With us by your side, you don’t have to worry about the inspection, modification, shipping, and clearance of your pre-owned vehicle as we handle everything on your behalf. Our aim is to make the transportation process secure and smooth for the buyers. We keep our customers updated throughout the process of their vehicle importation to Kenya.

We also offer an after-sales service to make sure that your car gets good maintenance after the purchase. For that, our service partner AutoXpress takes full care of your after-sale service and maintenance of your car.

High level of Professionalism:

High level of professionalism

Another great reason to buy pre-owned cars from us is the level of professionalism we provide. We are trained to cater to our clients with the utmost professionalism. As we answer all their queries related to the purchase and efficiently handle the process of documentation. Our cars are handpicked from Japan and undergo verification by African Automotive Analysis (AAA). We issue a copy of the Vehicle Export Certificate having the information of the vehicle owner. An Odometer Disclosure Certificate is also issued to the buyer. This kind of service is hard to find elsewhere as no automotive company offers such a detailed list of documents to their customers. This is also the reason why we are a trusted automobile company in Kenya having a repeat customer base.

Guaranteed Services:

We provide a 90-day warranty on the Engine and Gearbox of the certified pre-owned cars. Once you have made the purchase, you can get it repaired if you face issues with the car during the 90 days. We also provide our customers with information related to various financial options and credible lending institutions. We assist you at every stage with the process of used-car purchase and make sure that you get the most affordable deal for the used car.

Trust and Reputation:

We are a trusted company for buying used cars for sale. And having a reputation for years as the best dealer for pre-owned cars. Our resources are the reason why customers show trust in the quality of vehicles and the services we provide. We have a wide variety of imported and domestic vehicles available for sale in Kenya. Our pre-owned vehicles are picked by the well-experienced automotive experience having around 30 years of dealing in automotive sales and business.

We have links with the best automotive brands such as Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Volkswagen, etc. Our team of experts helps the customers in finding the best pre-owned car for their preferred model. With our exceptional range of services, you cannot find a better company offering excellent services at cheaper prices in Kenya.

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