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We understand that as part of mobility Vehicle has become necessity in the lives of African people but many of them find it unaffordable due to Social, Economic and Political barrier therefore we are focused towards providing Affordable vehicles to our customers.


Many people choose to buy imported used cars with little assurance on reliability. This in turn often leads to loss of investment owing to the many challenges related to usability. Autopax is committed to providing most reliable Vehicle and services to its customers.


Many African people import cars without prior knowledge of their energy and/or fuels consumption, maintenance history and accessibility of spares. Many car owners therefore have to contend with unsustainably high cost of fuel and maintenance. Autopax aspires to produce and/or supply sustainable electric and efficient engine vehicles for the people of Africa.

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Certified Pre-owned Vehicles

Autopax Certified Pre-owned Vehicles

Autopax Limited is a Manufacturer, assembler and leading company in sales of Automobiles, Motorcycles, Autobikes. the company will advance in assembling Automotive parts and accessories with an additional focus on electric car market and also becoming an agency of existing global automotive brands in Africa. we have our operations from the sales of Certified Pre-owned Cars (CPO) by Honda,Toyota and Nissan for cars and also KTM and Honda for Motorcycle sales. Autopax Limited has Three Divisions.
  • Development of Electric Automobiles and Motorcycles. (Research and Development team and global partners are at work to produce a African indigenous Automobile.)
  • Distribution of Automobile Parts and Accessories.
  • Distribution of Certified Pre-Owned (CPO)Automobiles.
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How we do it at Autopax

Professional Outsourcing

We carefully hand-pick our cars in Japan before they are displayed at the showroom.

Certificate of Inspection

We issue you a certificate of inspection provided , highlighting the details about each car and providing the information that other pre-owned car dealerships do not provide.

Vehicle Information Available

All details about the vehicles are available on the website. We have a sub-domain for Autopax on the website and a QR code is generated for each car to make it easy for one to scan and access.

90-Day warranty

Our cars are sold under a 90-day warranty on its key components, which is the longest period given by any other dealership in Kenya.

State-of-the-art showroom

Our state-of-the-art showroom provides a very convenient location with ample parking for our customers, creating confidence & trust.

Value Addition

We service the cars once they arrive from Japan, do value addition and sell them to you, ready to drive.

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