Our Philosophy

Our Vision

Powering the Future of African People Through Mobility.

Our Mission

To avail Reliable, Affordable and Sustainable Mobility for the People in Africa.

The Rationale

As part of mobility a vehicle has become a necessity in the lives of many people in Africa. Unfortunately, new vehicles are largely unaffordable for a majority of The African people owing to social, Political and Economic barriers.

Subsequently, many people choose to buy imported used cars with little assurance on reliability. This in turn often leads to loss of investment owing to the many challenges related to usability.

Further, many African people import cars without prior knowledge of their energy and/or fuels consumption, maintenance history and accessibility of spares. Many car owners therefore have to contend with unsustainably high cost of fuel and maintenance.

Autopax aspires to produce and/or supply reliable, affordable and sustainable electric and efficient engine vehicles for the people of Africa.

Autopax endeavors partner with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) to ensure consistent supply of a reliable vehicle throughout its life cycle.

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