Complete Guide to Buy Certified Pre-Owned Cars

Guide to Buying Certified Pre-Owned Cars

To Buy Pre Owned Cars in Kenya is certainly a more profitable deal than investing in buying a new car. However, the task of finding a pre-owned car can be daunting since it is hard to tell whether the used car is worth buying from a single look. The chances of the pre-owned turning out to be of bad quality are higher as compared to a new car.

Especially in Kenya, where there has been observed a surge in the sales of cars, the majority of the car sales accounts for the sales of second-hand imports or pre-owned cars; it is important for you to cautiously consider all viable options and assess the vehicle condition before deciding to buy certified pre-owned cars.

To get the best value for your money, you have to evaluate the pre-owned for its color, model, make, finance options, purchase type, dealer, and a lot more. Buying a car is a big investment, whether it is new or pre-owned, so it is crucial that you make a rational decision after absorbing adequate information for buying a pre-owned car in Kenya.

To assist you in this regard, here is a complete guide to buy certified pre-owned cars.

Decide Your Budget:

Before you begin your quest for your ideal pre-owned car, prepare your budget first. You have to consider a car that conforms to all your budgetary requirements. You have to set a budget and find a car that is affordable within the estimated limit after taking into account various factors such as the car loan interest, maintenance cost, insurance cost, cost of ownership, and all the other costs of the car. Look for pre-owned cars reviews on reliable websites, and find suitable insurance coverage before you go hunting for the car.

Shortlist the Best Dealers:

Once you have decided the budget, and even have some 2-3 pre-owned cars model options in your mind, the next step is to find the best used car dealers. You are required to research a bit and find out some good car dealers in Kenya, list them in a single place to compare them. From the information, you have gathered, compare their cars, car quality, affordability, rates for different services, etc. Keeping these factors in mind, choose one or two options that fit all your requirement for buying pre-owned cars. For shortlisting, you can erase the options of car dealers that have more negative than positive reviews, have a lot of complaints from the customers, or that simply do not conform to your car-buying needs.

Imported Car Vs Locally Used Car:

An important choice to make is whether you want to buy a locally used car or imported car; the imported used-car car is comparatively cheaper even after adding the cost for the taxes, in fact, 80% of the cars imported in Kenya (mostly from Japan) are used or pre-owned cars and rest 20% imported cars are new cars. But the process of clearing the imported cars through the ports is extremely time-taking and you have to pay extra for it as well. On the other, a locally used or pre-owned car is costlier than an imported one, but you can start using it immediately without paying any other costs.

After deciding whether you want an imported or locally-used car, you can buy pre owned cars from a local dealer, private seller, or from a total stranger. The important thing is to perform due diligence to the best of your ability before buying from anyone.

Inspecting the Car

Inspecting the Car:

You might have found the best dealer for your used car purchase, but that does not mean you should go easy while inspecting the car for faults. The dealer will always showcase the best-working features of the pre-owned car, and you have to work a little for finding fallacies in the used car model. You have to study car mechanisms to make sure that all parts and functions of the car are safe.

There are a few points to look for in a used car you are to buy certified pre owned cars.

  • The model that you are buying should be on sale.
  • The car you are buying should have enough mileage.
  • The car shouldn’t be torn or crashed from anywhere.
  • Make sure the car has been serviced effectively and properly.
  • Check the vehicle history to make sure that you are not buying a stolen car.
  • Check the bumper, tire, wheel alignment, rust, bolts, steering wheel, etc.
  • Evaluate the condition of car fluids such as engine oil, steering fluid, coolant, etc.
  • Ensure that the car has spare parts available at the local shops or garages in Kenya.
  • Take a test drive to further assess how the car performs on the roads of Kenya.
  • Make sure the dealer has the original vehicle registration and other documents.

Also, you can hire the services of a car expert to perform a more detailed evaluation. These experts will not only quickly spot the fault, but will also help determine the car’s worth after evaluating it for all technical problems. Ensure that you buy from a trustworthy or nearby seller, so you can get at him when the car gives you trouble.

Deciding the Model:

There is no dearth of variety even when you buy a pre-owned car in Kenya. Deciding what you want in the car you are buying directs you toward your desired model, without wasting time on something you are not going to buy. If possible, have the car model or make you want perfectly defined in your mind, along with the budget, and availability of the same at the time of purchase. However, have a flexible approach to the process and be open to other options and compromise when needed as well.

The ideal used car for you is determined on the basis of space, personal choice, spare parts availability, engine capacity, size of the car, sitting space, etc. Also, you have to be aware of the possibility that the additional features you want will add to the cost of the car, and thus design the features of your desired car accordingly.

After finding the car of your choice, you should immediately get in touch with the best used car dealers so that the offer won’t skip from your hands.

Financing Option to Buy Pre-Owned Cars:

It is important that you have good negotiation skills and bargain with the best used car dealers based on the condition and worth of the car you are purchasing from the dealer. If you are not going to make all the payments in cash, then you need a financing option to buy a pre-owned car in Kenya. You can opt for a dealer that assists in financing the car payment. First, you have to get an application that approves your car financing offer. However, if you are buying privately from a second party, then you have to get the loan or payment financed yourself. The application process varies from dealer to dealer, and you select the one that is more flexible and gives you more buying options.

Financing Option to Buy Pre-Owned Cars

Initiating the Payment Process:

Make certain that you follow an appropriate process when drafting the important documents for acquiring the legal ownership of the car and clearing the necessary payments to buy certified pre owned cars. The sales agreement or contract should contain all the important details and your signature, the signature of the dealer, and a third-party witness. The dealer is required to transfer the ownership of the car via online mode on NTSA TIMS (National Transport and Safety Authority, Transport Integrated Management System) portal. For having the ownership transferred to you, you have to pay the charges for purchase tax and transfer fees from the official TIMS website. After making the payment, you will receive a receipt that will be used a proof of the payment.

Choosing the Insurance Policy:

If you think it is not important to get a policy for a pre-owned car, then you are setting yourself for trouble in the future. The expenses and liabilities that come with a used car are probably a lot greater than that of a new one. Moreover, an insurance policy will prevent you from going into debt in case of a mishappening. There is no dearth of insurance companies offering auto insurance policies, for choosing the perfect insurance policy, you have to compare and assess different policies in order to find the one that fits your budgetary and other requirements.

Driving the Car Home:

Once you are done with all the legal paperwork and payments, now you are all set to drive the vehicle home. However, make sure to not get overexcited and carry your driving license with you. Check the fuel level, engine oil, brake fluid, coolant, etc. If you don’t know to check these, you can get to the nearest garage and have it checked or refilled in case of shortage. Also, make sure you have car insurance.

Now, you are set to head to the road!

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